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Large Cities: Oran, Constantine, Annaba
Languages: Arabic, Berber and French
Religion: Islam
Currency: Dinar(DA)

Location: Algeria, formerly a French colony, is an independent republic in northwest Africa and extends for 1000 km along the shore of the Mediterranean. Algeria became an independent republic in 1962.

History: Thousands have lost their lives in a civil war that started in 1992. Islamic fundamentalist party (Islamic Salvation Front) claims it was stripped of an electoral victory in the 1992 general elections. Elections were held in June'97 and the country's first multi-party legislature was sworn in. Massacres continued. Gradually peace return to Algeria. A referendum was held in sept.'99 on the peace plan to end the 7-year Islamic insurgency. About 100,000 people have been killed during the insurgency.

Food & Crops: Agriculture products include wheat, barely, potatoes, artichokes, flax and tobacco. Fruits like dates, pomegranates and figs grow in abundance. Wine and olive oil are also produced.
Chief occupation: Cattle raising.
Mineral: Iron, zinc, mercury, copper,antimony, phosphates and petroleum.
Industries: Oil, light industry, food processing.

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