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Capital: Andorre-la-Vieille
Languages: Catalan, Spanish, French
Religion: Christianity
Currency: French Franc and Spanish Peseta

The co-principality of Andorra, founded in 1278, lies in the valleys of Eastern Pyrenees, between France and Spain

History: Andorra, autonomous and semi-independent, had no proper constitution and its international status was dubious. In 1993, it got a constitution, adopted a parliamentary system of government and became the 184th member of the UN. It is nominally subject to the suzerainty of France and the Bishop of Urgel in Spain. The government is carried on by a council of 28 elected members.

Economy: Andorra is an agricultural country, Cereals, Potatoes and tobacco are the principal crops. Iron, lead, alum, stone and timber are the principal products, though tourism especially skiing, is the main source of income. A free port draws some 13 millions tourists a year.

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