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Discover how fun it is to have a family holiday. With Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd you will be able to enjoy your family holiday either within India or abroad at affordable rates.

Mahindra holidays & Resorts is a member of the Mahindra Group, which has interests in such vast areas as Auto Components, Automotive, Farm Equipment, Infrastructure, Information Technology, Trade & Financial Services. Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd was founded in 1996. The Club Mahindra Holidays currently has a membership of 60,000 customers as well as 15 great resorts and is still expanding rapidly. The company aims at enriching people's lives by making family holidays form a part of their lifestyles. It basically operates by employing two models - providing great variety through the fast expansion of its resorts and enhancing its levels of service to the customers. In order to take care of different holiday needs, the company makes use of advanced IT systems so as to streamline its operations to have efficient management quickly.

When you become a member of Club Mahindra, you will have access to more than 4000 beautiful resorts in over 90 countries. You will be able to have a cheap holiday abroad due to the nominal exchange fee that you will just pay in Indian Rupees.

You will be able to participate in a variety of activities, among of which are watersports, adventure sports, treks, camping, hobby programs, and indoor family games. The services are highly customized to suit individual preferences, be it in culinary matters or outdoor activities among others.

Whether you are already a member or not, you will find an appropriate option for you to make your reservation. When you want to book, you may make your search either by activities or facilities. There are a variety of Holiday Packages that you may choose from, and whichever you opt for, you are sure to have a memorable holiday.

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