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Important palces to visit in Assam

ASSAM : Important tourist destinations in Assam is Guwahati, Assam State Museum, State Zoo-cum-Botanical Garden, Srimanta Sankardeva Kalakshetra, Dighalipukhuri, Chandubi Lake, Sualkuchi, Hajo, Majuli - the world's largest river island, Sibsagar, Haflong - Hill Station, Digboi - Oil town, Tezpur

Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks in Assam:

Kaziranga National Park, Manas National Park, Dibru-Saikhowa National Park, Nameri National Park, Rajiv Gandhi Orang National Park, Garampani Wildlife Sanctuary , Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary, Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary, Chakrasila Wildlife Sanctuary, Burachapori Wildlife Sanctuary, Pani-Dihing Bird Sanctuary, Hollongapar Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary, Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, Sonai Rupai Wildlife Sanctuary, Bherjan-Borajan-Padumoni Wildlife Sanctuary,East Karbi Anglong Wildlife Sanctuary, Nambor Wildlife Sanctuary, Marat Longri Wildlife Sanctuary, Nambor –Doigrung Wildlife Sanctuary, Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary, Dehing Patkai Wildlife Santuary, Borail Wildlife Sanctuary,

Temples and Monuments In Assam :

Kamakhya Temple, Nabagraha Temple, Umananda Temple, Basisthashram, Mahabhairab Temple, Madan Kamdev, Satra, Poa-Mecca, Da-Parbatia, Agnigarh

Adventure Tourisms In Assam :

Angling, River Cruise, Boat Racing, River Rafting , Mountaineering & Trekking, Mountain Biking, Para Sailing, Hang Gliding.

Assam is one of the Norths - etern states. Dispur is the capital of the state. A Veternary Research Institute has been established here.

Kaziranga Wild Life Sanctury This is also a National Park, one horned rhinoceros survives here. The area spread over is 430Sq kms with nearly 1000 rhinos. There are also wild buffaloes, elephants, tiger, bears and water birds. The best season to visit Kaqiranga is tribal villages.

Manas This is another wild life sanctuary spread widely and is 176kms from Guahati, a city in assam. This is a tiger reserve. It has the rare Pygmy hog my Hog and the Golden Langur. Rhincs are also seen.

The tourists visit Assam to see these two wild life sanctuaries.

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Guwahati Formerly this was the state. It is situated on the banks of Brahmaputra. There are good number of temples to seen by a tourist.

1. Umananda temple on peacock island

2. Navagrah temple on Chitravhal hill

3. Kamakya temple (10kms) on the Nilachal hill. It is a pilgrimage centre. Ambuchi festival is held here in August.

Assam state zoo here has tigers, Panthers, lions, two horned rehinocers. Touristsmay pay a visit to the museum which houses exhibition depicting Assam's history. Hajo - 24kms from Guwahati is a pilgrimage centre for both Muslims and Buddhists, Buddha altained nirvsana here. The pao have one quarter sanctity of the great mosque at Mecca. The Buddhists pay a visit to the Hayagriva Nadhab temple.

Silchar This is an important road junction for traveling to Mizoram Meghalaya, Manipur, Jaipur and Nagaland temples, ancient ruins are seen here.

Shivsagar Lake, Majuli - The world's largest river is land and a pilgrim centre, Orang wild life Sancturary are very few other places of tourist interest.

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Srimanta Sankardeva Kalakshetra | Dighalipukhuri | Chandubi Lake | Sualkuchi | Hajo | Majuli | Sibsagar | Haflong | Digboi | Tezpur | Kaziranga National Park | Manas National Park | Dibru-Saikhowa National Park | Nameri National Park | Rajiv Gandhi Orang National Park | Garampani Wildlife Sanctuary | Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary | Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary | Chakrasila Wildlife Sanctuary | Burachapori Wildlife Sanctuary | Pani-Dihing Bird Sanctuary | Hollongapar Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary | Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary | Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary | Sonai Rupai Wildlife Sanctuary | Bherjan-Borajan-Padumoni Wildlife Sanctuary | East Karbi Anglong Wildlife Sanctuary | Nambor Wildlife Sanctuary | Marat Longri Wildlife Sanctuary | Nambor –Doigrung Wildlife Sanctuary | Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary | Dehing Patkai Wildlife Santuary | Borail Wildlife Sanctuary |

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