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Large Cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide
Languages: English and aboriginal languages
Religion: Christianity
Currency: Australian Dollar

Location: Australia occupies the whole of the island continent of Australia, lying between the Indian and Pacific Oceans and its offshore islands,principally Tasmania to the south east.

People & Culture: Australia is a multicultural society.Four out of 10 Australians are first or second generation immigrants. One in five of the population is overseas born. In the past most immigrants came from Europe, but now,under Australia's non-discriminatory immigration policy, they come from well over 100 countries. One of the most sparsely populated nations, it is also one of the most highly urbanised with 85 per cent of the population living in cities. Vast areas of the continent receive only very small amounts of rainfall limiting development mainly to the coastal fringes.

About 352,970 people identified themselves as being of indigenous origin, at the 1996 census.About half the aborigines live in cities or towns. They participate at all levels of life of the Australian community. Many aborigines still live in the remote areas of Australia and prefer traditional tribal oriented lifestyles.The boomerang was invented by the aborigines who have been there for more than 40,000 years.

Architecture & Politics: Australia is a Federation with power divided broadly between the national government and the state governments. The states are New South Wales, Victoria,queensland,South Australia,western Australia, Tasmania,Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory.

In March 1986, Queen Elizabeth II signed the Proclamation of the Australia Act 1986, which severed Australia's last remaining constitutional links with Britian. Queen Elizabeth is formally Queen of Australia.In Feb 98 Australians discussed at a constitutional convention whether to become a republic, with majority of delegates thinking that British queen as head of state is an outdated ieda. However, opinion polls favoured monarchists.

Australia ha now developed into a modern industrial nation built upon the solid foundation of an efficient and productive agricultural system and large reserves of minerals. Australia is an important producer and exporter of a wide range of agricultural products especially wool. Australia is the world's leading wool producer.

Minerals and Natural Wealths: Wheat and meat and its mines provide minerals and metals of many types including coal,iron-ore,bauxite,gold,silver,lead,zinc,copper,nickel,oil and natural gas for use by local and overseas industries.

Tourist places: Over 3.3m tourists visited Australia in 1994. The three best known icons of the country are Ayers Rock, the Great Barrier Reef and the Sydney Opera House, in addition to a bevy of world-class theme and heritage parks.

Australian Animals: Australia has many unique plant and animal species including Kangaroos, Koalas, Platypuses,Dingos,Tasmanian devils, Wombats and Frilled lizards.

Australian external territories: Norfolk Island, Coral Sea Islands Territory, Territory of Ashmore and Cartier Islands, Cocos(Keeling)Island, Kiritimati (Christmas Island) and Australian Antarctic Territory,the Heard Island and Mc Donald Islands.

Mission in India
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Indian Mission in Australia
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