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Capital: Manama
Language: Arabic and English
Religion: Islam
Currency: Bahraini Dinar

Location & History: Bahrain, a British protectorate for 90 years, became an independent state on Aug.15, 1971. It is an Arab state comprising 33 small islands in the Arabian Gulf. Bahrain is the biggest of the Island and has lent its name to the whole archipelago. It is an independent monarchy.

The traditional occupations of cattle breeding, agriculture and fishing are still practiced but many modern industries have also come up. Oil accounted for the loin's share of the state revenues but by 1970s, oil reserves were depleted. International banking is major activity today.

Agriculture & Industry: Fruits and vegetables, alfalfa, dates, poultry. Industry: Aluminium, ship building & repairs, electronics assembly, building materials, and banking. The people enjoy a very high standard of living. Education is free upto the secondary level and heavily subsidized with scholarships at higher levels. The population is 83% urban. Every fourth resident of Bahrain is an Indian.

Economy: This archipelago manages some 85$ billion in offshore banking assets. Financial institutions are attracted by a skilled work force, good communications and a regulatory system considered the most effective in the region. The country long ago branched into industries such as aluminium refining, ship repair and petro chemicals. It also does a tidy business as a tourist destination for Saudis.

5th Floor, Maker Tower
F Cuff Parade Road, Colaba
Mumbai-400 005
Tel: 2185856; Fax: 2188817

Indian Mission in Bahrain:
Embassy of India
Building 182, Road 2608, Area 326
Ghudaibiya, P.O. Box No.26106
Adliya, Bahrain
Tel: 00-973-712683, 712832, 712785
Fax: 00-973-715527
E-mail: indiacon@batelco.com.bh
Website: www.indianembassy-bh.com

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