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Capital: Belmopan
Large Cities: Belize City, Orange Walk
Languages: English, Spanish, Creole dialects
Religion: Christianity
Currency: Belize Dollar

Location & History: Belize, formerly known as British Honduras, is a Central American republic with the Caribbean Sea to the east. Originally a British colony, it was granted autonomy in 1964 and became independent in 1981. The name Belize was adopted in 1973. The original capital Belize City was laid waste by a hurricane in 1961. The capital was shifted to Belmopan, an inland town in 1970.

People: More than half the population is made up of the so-called Creoles or English speaking Negroes, found mostly in the coastal regions. The indigenous(Red) Indian population consists of Mayans and Kekchis who live mostly in the reserves.

Agriculture: Forest products, especially timber, form a major export item. Sugar, citrus fruits, corn and bananas form the major products. Maize, rice, kidney beans and sweet potatoes are the main domestic staples.

Industries: Sugar, Molasses, cigrettes, beer, garments and tourism.

Wild life in Belize: Wild life includes the curious creature manatee - an amphibian mammal-and several varieties of reptiles.

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