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Patna - Patna, earlier known as Pataliputra is the capital city of Bihar.

The places of tourist interest in this city are only a few:

1. Golghar - A huge beehive shaped structure built in 1786 is near Gandhi Maidan. This is built to store surplus grains to use in the times of famine if any,
2. The city is on the banks of Ganges which is widest here as the tributaries join the river.
3. City Museum - This houses metal and stone sculptures of Maurya and Gupta periods.
4. Har Mandir - Built by Ranjit singh, to mark the birth place if Guru Govind Singh, the latest Sikh Guru. Few photographs are exhibited here.
5.Khudabaksh Oriental Library - This has a collection of rare Arabic and Persian Manuscripts. One can find here the Holy Koran inscribed in a book of one inch width. Patna is connected by Air with Delhi , Calcutta and other places in the North. Buses and train services are fair.

Vaisali - This is situated to the north of Patna. This is the birth place of Lord Mahavira.

Sasaram - This is on the way from Patna to Varanasi. This has some Museum tombs. One tomb is of the Afghan ruler Shershah. The dine rises 46 meters above the water level of the surrounding tank.

Nalanda - This is a Buddhist center. Here one aarchaeological museum has been setup which houses sculpture and other remains found on the site at the time of excavation.

Rajgir - 19 kms to the south of Nalanda, Rajgir was the capital of this part during the Buddhas life time .Nearby atop hill is a Japanese stupa and few hot sculphur springs.

Pavapuri - This is 25 kms away from Nalanda. Here Lord Mahavir, founder of Jainism attained nirvana. It is a pilgrimage center for Jains.

Gaya - This is a pilgrimage center for Hindus. It is considered as second to Varanasi. Hindus believe that offering funeral cakes here will free their ancestors from bondage to the earth.Vishnupada Temple where a 40 cm long fort print is said to be of Lord Vishnu. The foot print is imprinted on solid rock. There is one more temple here dedicated to the Sun God. Bodh Gaya - 13kms from Gaya, this place is pilgrimage center for Buddhists.
A Bo tree (Bodhi Vriksha), The Mahabodhi temple which houses the image of Buddha, few monasteries be longed to Tibetants, Japanese, Burmees and Thai are worth seeing . A red sand stone slab is found under the tree which is said to be the Vajrasan and diamond throne, on which Buddha sat. The stupas,museum,lotus pond are the other places of interest. Parasnath - This is a major Jain pilgrimage center. The place is on top of a steep hill. There are 24 temples here each representing the one Tirtankara. It is said that Parasnath, the 23rd Tirtankar attained nirvana here.

Hazaribagh wid sanctuary, Ranchi - a hill resort, The Hundru fails (43kms from Ranchi) are few other places to be seen in bihar.

Sindri- industrial centre, a fertilizer factory is established here. This land of the pilgrim is also home of many aboriginal tribes and is a facinating land for visitors seeking holidays off- the beaten track.

The best season to visit Bihar is from October to March . Sonepur in Bihar is famous for cattle fairs.

Other Places of Interest:

Golghar, Martyr's Memorial, Har Mandir Takht, Patna Museum, Pathar ki Masjid, Sher Shah Suri Masjid, Khuda Baksh Oriental Library, Jalan Museum, Sadaqat Ashram, Agam Kuan, Gandhi Setu, Padri Ki Haveli, Biological Park, Modern Planetarium, Kumhrar, Jarashand ka Akhara, Jivakameavan Gardens, Ajatshatru Fort, Cyclopean Wall, Shanti Stupa, Venu Vana, Karanda Tank, Sonbhandar Caves, Bimbisar jail, Veerayatan, Jain Temple, Chariot Route Marks, Hot Springs, Pippala cave,Swarn Bhandar, Gridhakuta, New Rajgir Walls, Bimbisar Road, Maniyar math, Saptarni Caves, Poppala Stone, Jalmadir, Samosharan, Mahabodhi Temple, Animesh Lochan Chaitya, Bodhi Tree, Chankramana, Ratnagarh,

Nalanda University Ruins Archaeological Complex, Nalanda Archaeological Museum, Nava Nalanda Mahavihara, Hieun Tsang Memorial Hall,

Tar (Bhojpur), Ahirauli (Buxur), Ram Rekha Ghat (Buxur), Pretshila Hills (Gaya), Giddheshwar (Jamui), Kako (Jehanabad), Singheshwar Asthan (Madhepura), Phullahar (Madhubani), Sita Kund (Munger), Ramchura (Vaishali), Ahilya Asthan (Darbhanga), Janki Temple (Sitamarhi), Janki Temple (Punausa), Haleshwar Asthan (Sitamarhi), Panth Pakar (Sitamarhi), Chanki Garh (West Champaran), Valmiki Nagar (West Champaran),

Maner Sharif (Patna, Maner), Khankah Mujibia (Phulwari Sharif, Patna),Khankah Emadia (Mangal Talab, Patna City, Patna), Dargah Sharif, Mithan Ghat (Patna City, Patna), Hajipur Karbala (Vaishali), Hasanpura (Siwan), Bibi Kamaal Sahiba (Kako, Jehanabad), Bari Dargah (Bihar Sharif, Nalanda), Chhoti Dargah (Bihar Sharif, Nalanda),

Motihari (East Champaran), Hazarimal Dharamshala, Betia (West Champaran), Bhitharwa Ashram (West Champaran), Brindaba (West Champaran), Shri Rampur (West Champaran), Koeldih (West Champaran), Amolwa (West Champaran), Murli Bharhawa (West Champaran), Sariswa (West Champaran), Hardiya Kothi (West Champaran), Sadaquat Ashram (Patna), Gandhi Sangrahalay (Patna Museum) Kakolat (Nawada), Bhimbandh (Munger),

Functions & Mahotsava In Bihar:

Vaishali Mahotsava , Koshi Mahotasava, Rajgir Mahotsava, Baudha Mahotsava, Sonepur Fair

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