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Capital: Brasillia
Large Cities: Sao Paulo, Rio Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Recife, Salvadore
Religion: Christianity
Language: Portuguese
Currency: Real

Location: Brazil, the largest South American state, lies more or less in the center of South America. It borders every nation on the continent except Chile and Ecuador. It is a land of dense forest and mighty rivers. The Amazon and Sao Franciso cover the north of the country.

History: Brazil was a Portuguese settlement. It was declare a kingdom in 1815. The most exploitable wealth early settlers found was a wood that produced red and purple dyes, paubrasil, from which the country derived its name. Monarchy was overthrown in 1889 and a republic declared. Armed forces took control in 1964 but civilian government was restored in 1985.

Until the 1970s Brazil was an almost entirely Catholic country. But a 1998 unofficial survey found that one in six Brazilians now profess loyalty to mainly protestant evangelical churches.

People: About 75% of Brazil's populations now live in the cities. Brasilia, a showpiece of modern architecture and town planning, was declared the capital on April 21, 1960.

Statue of Christ the Redeemer: One of the Seven Wonders of the world, the Statue of Christ The Redeemer is a famous tourist place and historical spot in Brazil. It is located on the top of a huge, tallest mountain. From the top of the mountain we can enjoy the entire view of Brazil.

Agriculture: The major exports of Brazil are soyabeans, sugar, coffee, iron ore, cocoa beans, maize, sisal and tobacco.(world's largest exporter of flue-cured tobacco). Agriculture accounts for 9% of GDP. The contribution of industry and service to GDP is 32% and 59% respectively.

Brazil is one of the world's top eight producers of agricultural commodities. The number one coffee producer for more than a century, Brazil also leads in oranges, orange juice concentrate, alcohol, sisal, cassava and bananas. It has the planet's largest commercial cattle herd, and comes only to the United States in soya production and to India in sugar cane output.

Mineral Wealth: Brazil possesses vast deposit of mineral wealth-chrome ore, iron, phosphates, uragold. Oil is a state monopoly. The wax which is used for phonograph records and insulation is a monopoly product of the state. Brazil is the only source of high grade quartz crystal in commercial quantities.

Mission in India:
Embassy of Brazil
8, Aurangzeb Road
New Delhi-110 011
Tel: 23017301; Fax: 23793684
E-mail: brasindi@vsnl.com

Tel: 22002236/2256/7511/1796
Fax: 22009456
E-mail: brazilcons@rediffmail.com

Indian mission in Brazil:
Embassy of India
SHIS-QL-08, Conj. 08 Casa 01 Lago Sul
CEP-71620-285, Brasillia DF, Brazil
Tel: 00-55-61-248-4006(4 lines)
Fax: 00-55-61-2485486/7849.
E-mail: indemb@indianembassy.org.br
Website: www.indianembassy.org.br

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