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City of Gardens in Chandigarh

‘City Beautiful’ is also a ‘City of Gardens’. While each one of its sub-sectors has at least a large park or playground, there are over a dozen other beautifully landscaped gardens spread across the city. The most famous of Chandigarh’s gardens (other than Rock Garden) is the Zakir Rose Garden. Spread over 27 acres, it is the largest rose garden I Asia, and has more than 17, 000 plants representing 1, 600 varieties of roses. Every year, in the month of February, Rose Garden hosts the popular Festival of Gardens.

Another popular garden, called Terraced Garden. It covers an area of 10 acres and is the venue of the annual Chrysanthemum Show. Its second terrace has an illuminated musical fountain that draws a lot of visitors in the late evening. Close by, lay two other large gardens called Hibiscus Garden and Garden of Fragrance. The first, as its name states, is given over to hibiscus shrubs, with 40 different varieties growing over eight acres. The Garden of Fragrance, on the other hand, has a profusion of aromatic and fragrant plants like jasmine, raat ki rani (Cestrum Nocturnum) and damask rose.


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