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The ruins of the Sun Temple at Modhera are 106 km north-west of Ahmedabad. There are bus services direct to Modhera or you can take train to Mehsana, from where it is only 40 kms.

The Sun Temple was built by King Bhimdev I in 1026-27. It bears some relationship to the Sun Temple at Konark, built later in Orissa. Like the Konark, this temple was also designed to let the sun shine on the image of Surya, the Sun God, at dawn at the time of equinoxes. The main hall and shrine are reached through a pillared porch. The exterior of the temple is intricately and delicately carved.


North-west of Ahmedabad 120 km, this town was sacked by Mahmud of Ghazni in 1024. Now a pale shadow of its past glory, it is a centre for the manufacture of beautiful Patola silk saries.


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