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Iruppu Falls In Karnataka
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Where It Is? : - Iruppu Falls is located in Runs down through the Bhramagiri hills located in Kutta village. Nearest town is Srimangala (10 kms).

How To Reach Iruppu Falls :- By road: From Kutta Junction Head towards west on SH 89 to Kayamani Junction. Take Left deviation from there to Sreerameshwaram Temple. (8km)

Travel Advice For Visitors:- Very carefull while getting into the water. Watch your steps on slippery rocks. Do not trek beyound the waterfalls without permission from the Coorg wildlife society.


Tumbling through the hills, the Lakshmanathirtha river thunders 51.8m into the valley. Flowing northwest from here to join another rivulet, the Ramathirtha, it changes course northeastward to join the Cauvery. It is a stream of Lakshmana –Theertha river and also a sacred place. The famous temple of Lord Shiva, known as the Rameshwara Temple, is situated nearby. Wandering beyond the falls is restricted as the whole place is termed as wildlife sanctuary. This narrow water falls is extremely beautiful and soothing. The lush green mountains around the falls makes it look more elegant and picturesque. You can also relax at a refreshing pond halfway up the falls. Blue Flutter, one of the most beautiful butterflies in India, endemic to the Western Ghats, the Malabar Banded peocock (Papilio Buddha), is common here. The Common Banded Peacocock and the paris Peacock are related species. These brightly coloured but terfiles thrive in the undisturbed ambience of this area.

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