Jatayu National Park

Location: Chatatayamangalam, Kollam district

It is all set to launch its primary phase in the coming year 2016. This is the place where the mythical Jatayu is said to have fallen from sky. People can look forward to an array of breath-taking sights and enjoy a variety of adventure games too.

You will see a huge sculpture of the bird Jatayu atop a hill which is definitely going to be the largest bird sculpture in the entire world.

Dimensions: Height: 70 feet

Breadth: 150 feet

Length: 200 feet

This spot where the statue is placed is speculated to be that very spot where Jatayu had fallen from the skies battling Ravana, re-enacting Ramayana scene.

A 6D theatre, a unique digital museum as well as numerous exclusive technological wonders will be housed in the statue.

Over 20 games are expected in the zone. The first phase of the park comes with adventure zone in a three kilometre radius. You can enjoy laser tag, paint ball, rifle shooting, archery, bouldering, rock climbing, rappelling and ATVs to be enjoyed with numerous sights of the epic.

INR 100 crore will be invested in the project’s first phase and Dubai Tourism collaborations are also explored.

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