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Meenvallam Water Falls
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The experience: The meenvallam water falls is said to be comprised of five to seven levels (the numbers vary according to different accounts). Water drops down 20-25 feet in places foaming into a rapid. The first two levels can be reached with relative ease but the going gets tough as you climb the hill. Leeches are a constant threat and therefore it is better to be prepared to keep them at bay. A visit to Meenvallam provides an opportunity to enjoy a reasonably difficult trek through thick forest. The view that awaits the visitor is a white gush of water. It is said the forests around this waterfalls, which hide a large portion of the water's course, is home to a wide variety of wildlife including pythons, leopards and elephants.

Best time to visit: Visits to this falls is best towards the end of the rainy season.

Food: It is best to carry food with you but it's important to not leave polluting carry bags or other materials in the forest.

Things to Carry: A sturdy pair of trekking shoes and antibiotics to apply in case of leech bites.


Where It Is ? : This waterfall is located about 8 kilometres from the Thuppanad junction on the Palakkad-Mannarkkad road. Mannarkkad, the town closest to this falls, is situated close to 85 kilometres from Coimbatore.

Modes of transport: From Coimbatore, there are buses that take you to Mannarkkad. And buses to Palakkad can take you to the Thuppanad junction. Motor vehicles are available for hire from the Koomankund junction to a point from which one needs to trek for nearly 1 kilometre to reach the falls. The Thuppanad river lies on the way. Also, the place is dotted with aloe vera and rubber plantations.

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