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Valmiki National Park - Other Wildlife and National Parks In India

The Valmiki National Park is spread across a core area of 335.64 sq. km of more than 800 Sq. km of the Valmiki Sanctuary located in the West Champaran district of Bihar. Valmiki was established as the 18th tiger reserve in 1990. It ranks fourth in terms of density of tiger population.

The Government of Bihar, in 1978 declared an area of 464.60 sq. km, which now forms the Reserve, as Wildlife Sanctuary and a national park in 1989. Later on in 1990, 419.18 sq. km was added to the Sanctuary, totaling to 880.78 sq. km.

The park is surrounded by the Royal Chitwan national Park of Nepal in the north and the river Gandak on the western side with the Himalayan mountains as a backdrop. Adjacent to the sanctuary, in the forests of Chitwan National Park, Nepal is the historic Valmiki Ashram.

The park consists of moist Sal bearing forests, dry sale bearing forests, moist mixed deciduous forests without Sal, cane and tropical seasonal swamp forests containing reed beds and wet grasslands. The one horned rhinoceros and Indian bison often migrate from Chitwan to Valmikinagar.

The forest here is a mix of extensive Savannah lands and swamps. The forest in the sanctuary is rich in Bhabar Dun Sal, dry Siwalik Sal, Khair and cane. The extensive forest area of Valmikinagar was owned by the Bettiah Raj and Ramnagar Raj until early 1950s.


Tiger, black buck, sloth bear, wolf, various species of deer, leopard, python, peafowl, chitals, sambars, nilgais, leopards, hyenas, Indian civets, jungle cats, hog deer and wild dogs. One-horned rhinoceros and Indian bison often migrate from Chitwan to Valmikinagar.

Best Time to visit : Between October and June

Where you can stay:

There are a number of rest houses of the Irrigation Department available.

How to reach there :

Air The nearest airport is at Patna at a distance of 295 km

Rail The nearest railhead Valmiki Nagar is 5 km from the park.

Road there are bus services from Valmiki Nagar to Bettiah (80 km) the nearest town.

Contact for more details:

Deputy Conservator of Forests, Champaran Forest Division, P.O. Bettiah, District Champaran, Bihar.