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Global Bird Watchers Conference 2010


Global Bird Watchers Conference 2010

Global Bird Watchers Conference 2010

About GBWC-2010

Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary! Located at the watershed of River Ruparel and Kalindri at the North East coastal region of Jamnagar district in the Gulf of Kutch, is a very special and unique ecosystem. In Khijadiya, the migratory birds of the Eurasian Continent find both freshwater and marine habitat for nesting and resting. The unique ecosystem is partly man made and partly Nature's bounty. Reclamation bunds were built during the British era to prevent saline ingression in the soil and as a result two separate lakes were formed by water that drains from the Rivers Ruparel and Kalindri. These lake provide freshwater ecosystem during winter when the Birds Migrate to this area and the Kutch sea coast with its mangroves and marshy coast provides yet another ideal destination for migratory birds.

The Sanctuary is spread over both the lakes and the sea coast and is in two parts. One part is known as Dhunvav and the other is called Jambuda after the villages near which they are located.The Marshes and the Creeks on the Marine side supports Mangroves and other marine vegetation while the Sanctuary on the land's side has the native variety of Babul, Prosopis and other shrubs that support a large fauna other than the avian variety.

We Invite : Avid Bird Watchers & Ornithologists, Tour & Travel Operators, Hospitality Institutes, Students of Zoology and Researchers working on Ph.D. participate in a interactive Conference, register online on www.gujarattourism.com or www.gbwc2010.org

Date: 25th - 27th November, 2010
Venue: Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary, Jamnagar, Gujarat India

For more informations please visit : www.gbwc2010.org


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