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Ajabgarh And Bhangarh In Rajasthan

One is a dusty village and the other a ruined city; both are less than 10 km from the super-luxury resort Amanbagh, hidden deep in Alwar district. Book yourself into the delicious resort and then go tramping around these beautiful but dusty relics of princely Rajasthan. Ajabgarh, meaning ‘place of mysteries’, is an appropriately ghostly village, dotted with abandoned old houses where you’ll find the odd, stunningly carved window frame of picturesquely decorated doorstep. Prepare to be startled by the scale and beauty of Bhangarh – the abandoned city’s marketplace areas, temples and gardens are in surprisingly good repair as well. Legend goes that the city was abandoned after it was cursed by a holy man. It’s perfectly serene; you’ll have only stray dogs and ancient temple-keepers for company.

Located 4 hrs from Delhi on NH 8 (turn off towards Pratapgarh).

Website : www.amanresorts.com otja07

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