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Alwar In Rajasthan

Alwar is not the most tourist-friendly destination, which is likely a good thing for those seeking classic Rajasthani tourist hordes. Once the northern entryway to the region, Alwar’s strategic location meant that it saw plenty of warfare in its time, until the 17th century when the Rajputs seized it from the Jats. Today, Alwar’s many places and forts reveal its Mughal and Rajput history, and its cuisine and hospitality characterize the best of Rajasthan. The main attraction is Bal Quila, a towering fort that affords a 300m – high view of its surrounds.

Just below lies Sagar tank (left) and the City Palace, worth visiting particularly for its museum, which contains a fine array of courtly memorabilia, weaponry and Arabic and Sanskrit manuscripts. For a dose of Mughal culture, the gold-leaf decorations and elegant balconies of Vinay Vilas Palace are nice.

Alwar is also the access point to Sariska National Park. Alwar is 2hour 30 min from Delhi; Tourist Reception Centre: 0144 – 2347348. Stay at The Bagh, 2km from town Contact No. 011 – 27570446,Website www.thebagh.com.

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