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Barmer In Rajasthan

This rid desert town in western Rajasthan, with just a handful of ruins, does not seem to have anything that will interest a visitor. But there is beauty even in this wasteland. Beautiful block-printed fabrics, delicate handcrafted wood furniture, pottery, carpets and fine embroidery add colour to this otherwise monochromatic town. Even the houses here are decorated with pictures and motifs. These crafts are the lifeline in a region where almost nothing grows. And itís not just crafts that draw people to this town; the songs of the Bhopas or priest singers and the music of the Muslim dholis are also famous. Visitors can start craft-hunting in the tiny shops that crowd Sadar Bazaar. But donít restrict yourself to the bazaar-there are artisans at work in almost every bylane in the town.

Barmer is 153km south of Jaisalmer and 224km west of Jodhpur.


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