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Desert National Park In Rajasthan

If you thought deserts were dry and therefore boring, try walking through the Desert National Park near Jaisalmer. It covers over 3, 162 km and is one of the best examples of desert habitat in the country. The animal and bird life here ranges from the endangered Great Indian Bustard to herds of chinkara, desert cat, desert fox, birds like sand grouses, buzzards, owls and reptiles like the monitor lizard, saw-scaled viper and the spiny-tailed lizard. A few areas of the park, like Sudashri, are enclosed with barbed wire to prevent grazing by cattle. The forest department has demarcated a few trails in this area-which make for a good 3-4 hour walk. To see the rest of the sanctuary, walk through, from Khuri towards Miajalar, Girab, Gadra and back towards Munabao. You can stay at these villages.

Contact: Deputy Director, Desert NP (02922 252498) for permissions.

Gangaur Guest House (09414271035) in Khuri can organise 3-4 day safaris.


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