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Dholpur In Rajasthan

We have all met Dholpur. Or so we think. Turns out thereís more to this crusty Rajasthani gem than the ubiquitous red sandstone to which it has lent its name. named for the Tomar chieftain who established it in the 11th century. Dhawalpuri was plundered by Sikandar Lodi in 1501. It then passed on to the Mughals. The oldest Mughal garden in India was established by Babur in nearby Jhor. Itís just a grand ruin now, but other sights abound-the tomb of Bibi Zarina; Mach Kund, a lake littered with temples and a popular annual pilgrimage; Shah Jahanís pleasure palace, the Khanpur Mahal; the fort that Sher Shah Suri built. Forty kilometers away is the picturesque Talab Shahi lake and palace, once princely hunting lodge, now host to migratory birds. Only 18 km away is Van Vihar Wildlife Sanctuary, an erstwhile reserve of the Dholpur royals. But the jewel in the crown has to be the stunning Raj Niwas Palace, recently turned into a heritage hotel. The quirky, highly nostalgic hotel makes Dholpur a perfect weekend getaway.

Located 240 km / 5hr south of Delhi. For Bookings : 011 Ė 41623449 Website : www.dholpurpalace.com


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