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Hot Air Ballooning In Rajasthan

One of the most exciting ways of seeing the landscape of Rajasthan is from a free-flying hot air balloon. The balloons fly at altitudes ranging between 2, 000 ft and 4, 000 ft, high enough to give you some idea of terrain, and yet low enough for you to discern features on the ground. Imagine flying over Jaisalmer Fort, over the desert, and then landing on the dunes at Sam for tea and snacks two hours later. If the thought of flying suspended from a large balloon for two hours induces queasiness, you can opt for a shorter tethered flight of 200 ft. Its also possible to combine flights with camel and jeep safaris-fly for a few hours, then take a camel or a jeep.

Tarif:Rs.32, 000 for three people for a two-hour trip. Tethered flights are cheaper-prices depend on the size of the group. Contact: Wanderlust Travels 011 29228483 Website : www.wanderlustindia.com


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