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Rock Garden in Chandigarh

With 5,000 visitors a day, and growing, the Rock Garden in Chandigarh is apparently the second most popular tourist site in the country after Taj. Built painstakingly over half a century, the Garden is divided into three broad ‘phases’ according to the period of construction. Each phase is markedly different from the other, and part of the fun in exploring Rock Garden lies in the surprises that greet you at every turn. Walking through the Garden is like being in a slide show. The low door-ways between different sections force your eyes down, and when you look up again the scene has changed completely! But the biggest surprise of all is that everything-from life-size dolls to hall of mirrors- has been created out of urban and industrial waste.

The 40-acre fantasy park is the child of octogenarian Nek Chand Saini’s imagination. The creator and director of the Garden, who completes 83 years on the 15th of this month, has received many awards in recognition of his achievement, including the Padma Shri and the Living Heritage Award.

9 am to 7 pm (April 1 to September 30)
9 am to 6 pm (October 1 to March 31).


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