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V.O.C. Park - Coimbatore

Named after the freedom fighter V.O. Chidambaram Pillai, this park is maintained by the Corporation. There is a mini-zoo and joy train in the park. Very recently, to remind of the animals which lived in the past, Dinosaur Park has been created. This park has all animals which lived several hundred years ago. Every evening there is a colourful water fountin show, Children flock to this park in the evenings.

V.O.C Park is another landmark and is located in the centre of Coimbatore city. In this Park we can see crocodile, parrot, monkey, duck, crane, dove, camel, tortoise, peacock, vultures and snakes. VOC Park is maintained and run by the corporation. It the famous hunt-point of the local people to enjoy. At evening, the crying of all birds is an delightful experience for the visitors. Large dinosaur's sculptures are seen here.

This park is the home of thousands of bats. We can see a variety of bats hanging down in the big tree-branches.

There is small train is riding inside the VOC park for entertaining the visitors. It carries the children and elders and round the park through caves and is a pleasant experience. There is also garden full of flowers and trees where all people are relax here with their families, relatives and friends.

Time: 9.30 am - 6.30 pm
Tel: 0422 - 2303613


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