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Kovai Kutralam & Siruvani Hills - Coimbatore

Kovai Kuttralam

Kovai Kutralam is an important tourist place of Coimbatore. The Kovai Kutralam waterfalls are located in the Siruvani Hills. The Siruvani River, which flows in the Siruvani Hills, which makes the famous Kovai Kutralam waterfalls. It is situated in the dark forest area of the outer part of Coimbatore. The way to the falls is surrounded by thick forests, and teak gardens. Enjoying the beauty and the cold climate of the smoky water falling through the rough rocks and the green forests of Kovai Kuttralam is a pleasant experience.

Kovai Kutralam is a waterfall at Siruvani. It is 37 km from Coimbatore and is quite magnificent. This fall is amidst a thick forest, hence visitors are not allowed after 5 pm. Siruvani the source of drinking water supply to Coimbatore.

Time: 10.00 am - 4.00 pm
Tel: 0422 - 2302925

Siruvani Hills

The Siruvani River in Coimbatore is the second pure and clean water body in the world. This river's richness in its quality is protected by the Government. It lies in the Tamil Nadu and Kerala States. Siruvani River is flowing in the altitudes of the Siruvani Hills.


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