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Vellore Fort

From Kanchipuram, it is a short run to Chennai. But if you have time and patience, travel another 55 kms west to Vellore on the banks of Palar river. The heart of Vellore is its Fort, built in the 13th century which is still in good condition. It has seen many bloody battles including a Sepoy Mutiny by Indian soldiers in 1806, a prelude to the Indian War of Independence in 1857.

One of the most famous prison in the country, the Central Prison of Vellore is located here. It is one of the big and battlefield prison from the period of the British rule itself. Some of the great Indian leaders were kept imprisoned here for months and years.

There is an exquisite 14th century Shiva Temple within the fort. It was not in use till 1981 but has since been activated Regular worship is conducted now.


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