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Capital: Zagreb
Large Cities: Zagreb, Split
Languages: Serbo-Croatian
Religion: Christianity
Currency: Kuna

Location: Former Yugoslavian second largest republic, Croatia in S.E. Europe, has an extensive Adriatic coastline.

History: Croats migrated to their present territory in the 6th century. Croatia was united with Hungary in 1091. In 1918, Croatia became a part of the new Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, which was renamed Yugoslavia in 1929. Croatia then became of the six 'Socialist Republics' constituting the Yugoslav federation. On June 25, 1991, Croatia declared independence. Serbs rebelled, sparking a 7 month-long civil war. The Krajina and other predominantly Serbs areas proclaimed the desire for union with Serbia. UN peace-keeping mission arrived at the beginning of 1992. European Community (EC) recognized Croatia on January 15, 1992. Fighting between ethnic Serbs and Croats continued. A ceasefire with Serb rebels forming a self-declared republic of Krajina was agreed to in March 1994. In Aug '96, Croatia and Serbia agreed to resume normal diplomatic ties after years of hostility. Croatia joined NATO's extended family in May, 2000.

Ethnic breakdown: Croats: 75%; Serbs: 12%; Others:13%.

Agricultural Products: Wheat, maize, potatoes, olives, plums, livestock, timber.

Industry: Textiles, chemicals, coal, lignite, cement, sugar, steel and plastics. Nearly 70% of exchange between ex-Yugoslavia and India was with Croatia. Upto one-third of the Indian fleet for nearly 40 years was built in Croatian shipyards.

Mission in India:
Embassy of Republic of Croatia
A-15, West End,
New Delhi - 110 021
Tel: +91 - 11 - 26876871, 72
Fax: +91 - 11 - 26876873
Email: croemnd@del1.vsnl.net.in

Indian Mission in Croatia:
Embassy of India
Boskoviceva 7A 10000,
Zagreb, Croatia
Tel: 00 - 385 - 1 - 4873239, 4873240, 4873241
Fax: 00 - 385 - 1 - 4817907
Email: embassy.India@zg.tel.hr
Website: www.ring.net/india

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