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Capital: Malabo
Large Cities: Bata
Languages: Spanish, Fang, Bubi and pidgin English
Religion: Christianity
Currency: CFA Franc

Location: Equatorial Guinea, formerly Spanish Guinea, comprises the islands of Fernando Po (now Bioko), Corcisco, Great Elobey, Little Elobey, and Annoban and the mainland territory of Rio Muni on the west coast of Africa.

History: In 1975, President Macias Nguema changed almost all place names. The capital Santa Isabel thus became Malabo. Macias Nguema was ousted by his nephew, Mbasogo on Sept. 29, 1979. Constitutional rule was resumed in 1982.

Food & Crops: The island of Fernando Po is mostly mountainous. Coffee is cultivated upto 900 m and cocoa upto 600 m unit. There are also forests of ebony, mahogany and oak. Other products are cocoa, coffee, timber, palm oil and bananas. The country is heavily dependent on foreign aid.

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