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Capital: Addis Ababa
Large Cities: Gondar, Dire Dawa
Languages: Amharic, Orominga, Tigrigna and 60 other small languages
Religion: Christianity and Islam
Currency: Birr

History: Black Africa's oldest state formerly known as Abyssinia. A mountainous country in north-east Africa, it has a colourful history. The Ethiopian emperors claimed descent from King Solomon and the famous Queen of Sheba. The last Emperor of Ethiopia Haile Sellasie I was deposed by armed Marxist forces which took over the govt. in 1974. Opposition to this government mounted in 1991 and Marxist leader Mengistu Haile Mariam had to flee the country. A new government consisting of various groups was formed by the Ethiopian Revolutionary Democratic Front, an umbrella group of six rebel armies. Eritrea, a province on the Red Sea, declared its independence in 1993.

May 1995, saw the birth of-a new Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia after four years of transitional rule. The new constitution divides Ethiopia into nine ethnically distinct regions, which have the right to secede through a popular referendum.

There was an undeclared war between Ethiopia and Eritrea (May-June, 1998) over an area on the border between the two. Efforts by OAU didn't yield much. Fighting resumed in 1999 and 2000. Thousands died on both sides. In Dec. the two countries formally ended the war, with an accord signed in Algiers, but tensions continued.

Agriculture & Economy: Ethiopia's economy is based on agriculture, which accounts for half of GDP, 85% of exports, and 80% of total employment. The agricultural sector suffers from frequent drought and poor cultivation practices; and as many as 4.6 million people need food assistance annually. Coffee is the most important export. Other important exports include qat, live animals, hides, and gold.

Mission in India:
Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia,
7/50-G, Satya Marg, Chanakyapuri,
New Delhi-110 021.
Tel: 26119513; 26119514
Fax: 26875731.
E-mail: delethem@yahoo.com

Indian Mission in Ethiopia:
Embassy of India,
Kabena (Aware District) W-13, K-15,
H.No. 224, Post Box 528,
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Tel: 00-251-1-552100, 550694,556610, 556611
Fax: 00-251-1-552521, 552305.
E-mail: indembassy@telecom.net.et

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