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Capital: Guatemala City
Large Cities: Escuintla, Peurto Barrios
Languages: Spanish and Indian dialects
Religion: Christianity
Currency: Quetzal

Location & People: Guatemala, a republic, is the northernmost and the third largest of the five Central American states and has the largest population. Fifty percent of the population is of Indian (Red) origin, 45 percent Ladino or of mixed European and Indian parentage. The Indians are the descendants of the builders of the great Maya civilization which was wiped out by the Spanish conquistadors.

History: After remaining as a Spanish colony for about three centuries (1524 - 1821), Guatemala became a republic in 1839. Guatemala's claims to British Honduras (Belize) led to the rupture of diplomatic relations with Britain in 1963. More than 100,000 people have been killed in civil wars since 1961.

Agriculture: The soil is very fertile. Agriculture is the most important occupation. Principal crop is coffee. Other important export items are bananas, cotton, gum, sugar, maize, tobacco, fruits and beef.

Industry: Food and beverages, textiles, tyres, construction materials, tobacco and chemicals.

Indian Mission in Guatemala:
Honorary Consulate of India
P.O. Box No. 886, 14 Calle 14-84 zona 10
Oakland, Cludad de Guatemala, Guatemala
Tel: 00 - 502 - 3682271
Fax: 00 - 502 - 366404

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