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Capital: Port-au-Prince
Languages: French (Official) and Creole
Religion: Christianity, Voodoo
Currency: Gourde

Location & People: Haiti is part of the West Indies known as Hispaniola in the Atlantic lying between Cuba on the west and Puerto Rico on the east. Negroes from the majority of the population, the rest being mulattoes, descended from former French settlers and slaves. The French colony proclaimed itself an independent republic in 1804.

History: A 28-year dictatorship by the Duvalier family ended in February 1986. By mid-1990, there had been five governments. Father Jean Bertrand Aristide was elected President in December 1990, but was deposed in a coup and exiled in September 1991. The UN imposed a worldwide oil, arms, and financial embargo on Haiti in June 1993. Aristide returned to Haiti and was restored in office in October 1994. A UN peacekeeping force took over responsibility for Haiti in March, 95. Aristide transferred power to his elected successor Rene Preval in February 96. He was back in power in November 2000.

Chief Crops: Coffee, sugar, bananas, rice, cocoa, tobacco, sisal and cotton.

Industry: Sugar refining, textiles and cement. Rum and other spirits are distilled from molasses and exported. Bauxite is the chief mineral exported. Tourism is Haiti's second largest source of foreign exchange. Two-thirds of Haiti's inhabitants live in poverty, half of all adults are illiterate and less than a quarter of rural children attend primary school. Infant and maternal mortality rates remain among the highest in the world.

Outside Africa, Haiti has the highest rate of HIV infection among adults: 5 percent. It produces more new cases of HIV-AIDS each year than the entire U.S.

Indian Mission in Haiti:
Honorary consulate of India
C/o Hnadal & Fils,
199, Rue Du Magasin de L'Etat
P.O. Box No. 633, Port-au-Prince,
Republic of Haiti
Tel: 00 - 509 - 222310
Fax: 00 - 509 - 238489

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