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Capital: Jakarta
Large Cities: Surabaya, Bandung
Languages: Bahasa Indonesian, Dutch, English, Javanese and other Austronesian languages
Religion: Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism
Currency: Rupiah

Location: Formerly the Dutch East Indies, the Republic of Indonesia, the biggest Islamic nation, is a archipelago state consisting of about 13,500 (6000 inhabited) islands extending some 5150 km along the Equator in the Indian and Pacific Ocean. The largest islands of the archipelago are Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo), Sulavesi and Irian Java. The islands were made an integral part of the Netherlands Kingdom in 1922.

History: During World War II, Indonesia was under Japanese military occupation. On August 17, 1945, Indonesia proclaimed independence from the Dutch. After a war of independence, the Netherlands transferred sovereignty to Indonesia on December 27, 1949. A republic was declared August 17, 1950, with Dr. Sukarano as president. Gen. Suharto, head of the army was named President in 1968.

The year 1998 was marked by economic chaos. Gen. Suharto was forced to resign in May. He was succeeded by his vice-president, Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie. Abdurahman Wahid, leader of Indonesia's largest Muslim organization, was elected president in October 20, 1999. He was on a collision course with the House of Representatives since February after two scandals and debate on his impeachment began in May. On July 23, he was dismissed by National Assembly.

Indonesia annexed East Timor in 1976. A referendum (UN called it 'popular consultation') was held in East Timor on August 30, 1999. Ninety percent turned out and the vote was for independence from Indonesia. East Timor slipped into violence and bloodbath. A UN interim administration took command in October. In May, 2002 East Timor became independent. Aceh and Irian Java are two provinces with long-running separatist movements.

Minerals: One of the world's richest countries in natural resources, Indonesia has vast supplies of tin, oil and fairly big deposits of bauxite, copper, nickel, gold and silver.

Agriculture: Agriculture is the main occupation of the people. Crops include rice, tobacco, coffee, rubber, cassava, maize, pepper, kapok, coconut, palm oil, tea and sugarcane. Forest products are a major source of foreign exchange. Food processing, textiles, paper, cement automobile and cycle assembly works and chemicals factories have developed. With foreign debt in excess of $135 b., Indonesia is one of the largest debtor countries of the world.

Mission in India:
Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia
Kautilya Marg, 50-A, Chanakyapuri
New Delhi - 110 021, India
Tel: +91 - 11 - 26118642-45
Fax: +91 - 11 - 26874402, 26886763, 26888279 (Visa), 26885640 (comm.)
Email: iembassy@giasd101.vsnl.net.in

Ph: +91 - 22 - 23868678, 23800940, 23860900, 56303748
Fax: +91 - 22 - 23800941, 23805862
Email: kjrimumb@bom3.vsnl.net.in

Indian Mission in Indonesia:
Embassy of India
S-1, Jalan H.R. Rasuan Said
Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan - 12950, Indonesia
Ph: 00 - 62 - 21 - 5204150, 5204152, 5204157
Fax: 00 - 62 - 21 - 5204160
Email: meoijkt@indo.net.id / eoilisi@indo.net.id

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