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Capital: Kingston
Languages: English and Jamaican Creole
Religion: Christianity
Currency: Dollar

Location: Jamaica, an island in the Greater Antilles group of the West Indies, is situated in the Caribbean Sea, 144 km south of Cuba.

History: Jamaica was visited by Columbus in 1494 and ruled by Spain till 1655 when Britain occupied it. On August 6, 1962 Jamaica became fully independent and a member of the Commonwealth. About 75% of the population is of African ethnic origin.

Agriculture & Economy: Agriculture, mining and tourism form the backbone of the economy. The dominant crop is sugar, with molasses and rum as important by-products. Bananas, citrus, fruits and coconuts are also grown. Jamaica is the world's second largest producer of bauxite and alumina. Other industries are cement, tobacco, consumer goods and tourism.

Indian Mission in Jamaica:
High Commission of India
4, Retreat Avenue, P.O. Box. No 446
Kingston - 6, Jamaica
Tel: 00 - 1 - 876 - 9273114, 9274270
Fax: 00 - 1 - 876 - 978280, 97803591
Email: hicomindkin@cwjamaica.com

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