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Capital: Vaduz
Large Cities: Sachaan
Languages: German
Religion: Christianity
Currency: Swiss Franc

Location: Liechtenstein is a small state on the upper Rhine, between Austria and Switzerland. It measures 24 km from north to south and 9 km from east to west. It became an independent kingdom in 1866.

History: Foreign workers comprise a third of the population. Many international corporations have headquarters in Liechtenstein. The country has remained neutral and undamaged in all European wars since 1868, when the army was abolished. In 1984, male voters granted women the right to vote.

Economy & Industries: The economy is mainly industrial. Cattle-rearing is highly developed. The country's farming population has gone down from 70% to 2% in about 60 years. Chief industries are machines and tools, textiles, foodstuffs, leather ware, chemicals, furniture and ceramics.

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