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Capital: Vilnius (Vilna)
Large Cities: Kaunas, Klaipeda
Languages: Lithuanian
Religion: Christianity
Currency: Litas

History: Lithuania seceded from Soviet Union and attained independence in August 1991. Earlier in March 1990, Lithuania had formally declared its independence but USSR defeated it by cutting off supplies and by other maneuvers. It is bordered by Latvia, Belarus, Poland and Russia.

Russia withdrew its last soldier from Lithuania on August 31, 1993. the country, which was mainly agricultural before 1940, has been considerably industrialized since. There is a privatization programme. By January 95, 5100 former state enterprises had been sold.

Agriculture: Grain, potatoes, sugar-beet, vegetables, meat, milk and eggs.

Natural Resources: Forests cover 1,554,000 hectares, 70% of which consist of conifers, especially pines. Peat reserves total 4000m. cu. Metres.

Industry: Heavy Engineering, ship-building, building material industries, electronic goods, chemicals, paper, leather, sugar and garments.

Mission in India:
Hon. Consulate of the Republic of Lithuania
Mohan House, Zamrudpur
Kailash Colony Extn, New Delhi - 110 048
Tel: 91 - 11 - 26433135
Fax: 91 - 11 - 26460191

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