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Capital: Chisinau (formerly Kishinev)
Large Cities: Tiraspol, Beltsy
Languages: Romanian, Ukrainian
Religion: Christianity, Islam
Currency: The Leu

History: A former Soviet republic that became independent in December 1991. Moldova (Moldavia until 1990) has Ukraine and Romania as neighbours. The region was taken from Romania in 1940; the people speak Romanian. In a referendum in March 1994, Moldovans voted a remain independent, and against any union with Romania. Moldova is a fertile black earth plain. It contained about one-fourth of the former USSR's vineyards. In May 97, leaders of Moldova and a breakaway region transdniestria (which approved a separatist constitution in 1995) signed an agreement to keep Moldova a single state.

Agriculture: Grain, sugar-beet, vegetables, fruits, grapes.

Industry: Wine-making, tobacco, canning, wood-working, textiles, metallurgy, dairy, TV, fridge, washing machines.

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