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Capital: Asuncion
Large Cities: San Horenzo, Encarnacian
Languages: Spanish, Guarani
Religion: Christianity
Currency: Guarani

Location: Paraguay is one of the two landlocked countries of South America surrounded by Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina. The Paraguay River is navigable for some 3000 km and steamers come upto Asuncion which is the chief port of the state. This makes up for lack of coastline or sea harbours. Paraguay gained independence from Spain on May 14, 1811. Gen. Alfredo Stroessner ruled from 1954 to 1989, until ousted in a military coup.

Agriculture: About 75 percent of the population is engaged in agriculture and allied pursuits with cattle breeding as an important occupation. Main crops are maize, cotton, beans, tobacco and citrus fruits. The timber resources of the state are enormous. The chief exports are beef and other food products, quebracho (hard wood), hides and skins, cotton fibre and soya.

Industries: Food processing, wood products, textiles, cement.

There were coup attempts in May, 2000. An opposition leader, Julio Cesar Franco, was declared the winner in Paraguay's elections for Vice President from the ruling party.

Indian Mission in Paraguay:
Honorary Consulate General of India
Avda, Eusebio Ayale 3663, Km 4
Asuncion, Paraguay
Tel: 00 - 595 - 21 - 660111
Fax: 00 - 595 -21 - 660115

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