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Capital: Bucharest
Large Cities: Brasov, Timisoara
Languages: Romanian, Hungarian, German
Religion: Christianity
Currency: Leu (Lei)

Location: Romanian lies in the south east of the central part of Europe. Ethnic mix: Romanians 89%, Hungarians 9%, others 2%.

History: Modern Romania was formed in 1859. In 1877, Romania proclaimed independence from Turkey, became an independent state in 1878, a kingdom in 1881 and a constitutional monarchy with a bicameral legislature in 1886. A People's Republic was proclaimed in 1947. In 1965, Romania became a socialist republic. It ended Communist dictatorship in 1989 by shooting long-time president Nicolae Ceausescu. National Salvation Front took over power in 1990. Romania's King Michael returned home in February 1997, 50 years after Communist banished him.

Industry: It accounts for 30% of the GDP, dominates Romanian economy. Heavy industries are predominated by drilling rigs for oil, equipment for oil refineries, petrochemical industry, cement, thermo and hydro electric power, diesel and electric locomotives of high capacity, Engineering and consumer goods etc. Many state-owned companies were privatized in 1996.

Chief Crops: Romanian agriculture recorded profound changes during the last three decades beginning with land reforms of 1945. Grains, potatoes, vegetables and sunflower are the chief crops. Forests cover over a quarter of the country.

The exports are mostly made up of machines, equipments, chemical products, chemical fertilizers and industrial consumer goods.

Mission in India:
Embassy of Romania
47, Vasant Marg, Vasant Vihar
New Delhi - 110 057, India
Tel: 91 - 11 - 2614 0447, 2614 0700
Fax: 91 -11 - 26140611
Email: emrond@hotmail.com / emrond_in@yahoo.com / eccond@yahoo.com

Indian Mission in Romania:
Embassy of India
11, Uruguay Street, Sector 1
Bucharest, Romania
Tel: 00 - 40 - 1 - 2232681
Email: amb@eoibuc.dnt.ro / ss@eoibuc.dnt.ro

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