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Capital: Belgrade
Large Cities: Titograd, Novisad
Languages: Serbo-Croatian (official)
Religion: Christianity and Islam
Currency: New Dinar

History: The kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes was formed in 1918; it name was changed to Yugoslavia in 1929. Occupation by Nazi Germany in 1941 was resisted by various paramilitary bands that fought themselves as the invaders. The group headed by Marshal Tito took full control upon the German expulsion in 1945.

In the 1990s, Yugoslavia began to unravel itself along ethnic lines. Slovenia, Croatia and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia all declared their independence in 1991; Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1992. In April 1992, Serbia and Montenegro announced the formation of a new Yugoslav Federation and invited Serbs in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina to join. The United Nations imposed economic sanctions aid poured into the Bosnian Serb campaign "ethnic cleansing". In 1995, Milosevic signed the Dayton peace accord, which ended the Bosnian War. In 1996 local elections, the Serbian Socialist Party was defeated in many areas. In 1997, Milosevic was forced to acknowledge the poll results after massive demonstration in Belgrade. He later resigned the presidency of Serbia in order to become president of Yugoslavia. In 1998 fighting erupted in Kosovo between Albanian nationalists and Serbian forces. In 1999, following the forced expulsion air war against Serbia and Montenegro to prevent a humanitarian crisis. Federal elections in 2000, brought about the ouster Milsoevic and installed Vojislav Kostunica president. In 2002, the Serbian and Montenegrin components of Yugoslavia began negotiation to forge a closer relationship. These talks became a reality in February 2003 hen lawmakers restructured the country into a loose federation of two republics called Serbia and Montenegro.

Industry: Electricity, coal, iron, steel, cement, motor vehicles, wood products and tourism.

Autonomous Provinces within Serbia:

Kosovo (Cap: Pristina). Agricultural products: Maize, grains, sugar beets, wheat, tobacco, livestock and timber.

Mission in India:
Embassy of Serbia Montenegro:
3/50 G Niti Marg
Chanankyapuri, New Delhi - 110 021, India
Tel: 91 - 11 - 2687 3661/ 26872073
Fax: 91 - 11 - 2688 5535
Email: zvezda@del2.vsnl.net.in

Indian Mission in Serbia & Montenegro:
Embassy of India
Vase Pelagica 30,
Senjak, Belgrade
Tel: 00 - 381 - 11 - 3692431
Fax: 00 - 381 - 11 - 3692435

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