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Capital: Dodoma
Large Cities: Dar es Salaam, Mwanza
Languages: Kiswahili and English
Religion: Christianity, Islam and traditional beliefs
Currency: Shilling

History: The United Republic of Tanganyika and Zanzibar was constituted on April 26, 1964 (named Tanzania on October 29), when the Republic of Tanganyika in East Africa and the island Republic of Zanzibar ('the Isle of Cloves'), off the coast of Tanganyika, joined into a single nation.

President Julius K. Nyerere dominated Tanzanian politics until he resigned in 1985. In 1967, the government set on a socialist course, and nationalized banks and many industries.

The country firmly abandoned socialist politics and switched over to a market-based system more than 14 years ago. Privatization of the economy was undertaken in the 1990s. The process of economic recovery, however, has been painfully slow.

Agriculture: The economy is agricultural. The chief cash crops are sisal, sugarcane, cotton, tea, tobacco and coffee. Cloves are grown on the islands, chiefly in Pemba. Livestock is extensively raised. Diamonds are an important export, other minerals include gold, tin and salt.

Natural Wealth: Three of Africa's best-known lakes-Victoria, Tanganyik and Nyasa - and Mount Kilimanjaro- the highest in Africa - are in Tanzania.

Industry: Food processing and clothing.

Mission in India:
High Commission for the United Republic of Tanzania
10/1, Sarvapriya Vihar, New Delhi - 110 016
Tel: 91- 11 - 2685 3046 - 47
Fax: 91- 11 - 2696 8408
Email: tanzrep@del2.vsnl.net.in

Indian Mission in Tanzania:
High Commission of India
NIC Investment House, Samora Avenue
7th & 8th Floor, Wing A, PO Box. 2684
Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania
Tel: 00 - 255 - 22 - 2117175
Fax: 00 - 255 - 22 - 2118761/ 2116551
Email: hcitz@cats.net.in

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