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Capital: Banjul
Large Cities: Serrekunda, Farafenni
Languages: English and Mandinka
Religion: Christianity and Islam
Currency: Dalasi

Location: The Gambia, the smallest African country, is a narrow strip of land in West Africa, extending inland from the Atlantic Ocean for about 30 miles on either side of the Gambia River and surrounded on three sides by Senegal. Nearly half he inhabitants belong to the Mandingo tribe.

History: Formerly a British colony and protectorate, the Gambia became an independent state within the Commonwealth on February 18, 1965 and a Republic in April 1970. After a coup attempt in 1981, the Gambia formed the confederation of Senegambia with Senegal. This lasted until 1989.

In July '94, a military coup ousted President Dawda Jawara, who was in power for 24 years. In August 96, voters approved a constitution paving the way for a return to democracy. The 2-year-old ban on political parties was lifted.

Crops & Industry: Peanuts are the main crop, along with rice and palm kernels. Textiles, food and manufactured goods are significant items of import. Tourism is he biggest foreign exchange earner.

Mission in India:
Hon. Consulate General of The Republic of Gambia
B-11, May Fair Gardens
New Delhi - 110 016, India
Tel: +91-11-26860285
Fax: +91-11-24532503
Emil: kvachani@hotmail.com

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