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Capital: Vatican City
Languages: Latin and Italian
Religion: Christianity (Catholic)
Currency: Euro

The Vatican City state, sovereign and independent, is situated on the Vatican hill, on the right bank of the Tiber, within the commune of Rome, Italy. It is completely surrounded by Italy. Vatican city, the City of the Pope, includes St. Peter's Cathedral, Vatican Palace and Museum, the Vatican Gardens and neigbouring buildings. Vatican has it sown railway station (for freight only), postal system, police, coins and radio. Radio Vaticana broadcasts an extensive service in 34 languages.

The city-state is governed by a commission appointed by the Pope, who has full legal, executive and judicial powers. The reason for its existence is to provide an extra-territorial independent base for the Holy See, the government of the Roman Catholic Church. In December 1993, the Vatican and Israel agreed to establish formal relations. In March, 1997 Vatican established diplomatic ties with Libya.

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