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Tourism Calender For The Month Of August 2008

Individuals ( OR ) Countries are requested to send their Tourism Calender for the month of August to: info(at)toursandtravelsinindia.com . It will help us to update this page regularly - Thanks In Advance.

August 3, Alka Festival, Croatia

In 1715, 700 Croats defeated a 60,000 strong Turkish army in the Battle of Sinj. This great victory is commemorated each year with a jousting tournament in the town of Sinj. Participants in period costume try to hit a stirrup suspended 12ft above the ground while hurtling towards it at full speed on horseback. Visit www.tzsinj.hr

August 8-24, Fringe Festival, New York

Fringe NYC is the largest multi-arts festival in North America. Spread over 20 venues, the festival sees over 1,300 performances by about 200 companies from around the world. Events encompass everything from grand musicals to puppetry. Visit www.fringenyc.org

August 10-16, Paulusfeesten, Belgium

Music takes over the coastal city of Ostend on these dates. Open-air concerts, parties, film screenings and theatrical performances are some of the attractions. As much as the events it is the friendly and welcoming atmosphere that lures the 25,000-odd visitors. Visit www.visitflanders.co.uk

August 12-17, International Folklore Festival

You can travel the world by visiting just one town if you are in Confolens on these dates. This picturesque little town, located on the banks of the Vienne, in France, hosts the International Folklore Festival. Performers from around the world present their traditional music, dance and theatre. The carnival-like atmosphere is enhanced by the three lakh visitors who descend upon this town. Visit www.francethisway.com

August 15-16, Pierogi Festival, Krakow

What do Polish and Chinese food have in common? The answer is the humble dumpling. In Poland itís called pierogi. This dish has a festival dedicated to it where visitors can gorge on dumplings filled with mushrooms, cheese, boiled eggs and meat. There are cooking competitions as well. Visit www.biurofestiwalowe.pl

August 15-31, Helsinki Festival, Finland

The Helsinki Festival is celebrating its 40th birthday this year. A number of indoor and outdoor events are planned and include classical music concerts, theatre and dance performances, cinema screenings, poetry recitations and photography exhibitions. Visit www.visitfinland.com

August 24-25, Notting Hill Carnival, London

This carnival brings a slice of the Caribbean to London. The largest event of its kind in Europe, the Notting Hill Carnival attracts millions of visitors from around the world. Massive floats, spectacular costumes, dancing and loud music are typical of this event. Visit www.londontown.com

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