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Tourism Calender For The Month Of June 2008

Individuals ( OR ) Countries are requested to send their Tourism Calender for the month of June to: info(at)toursandtravelsinindia.com . It will help us to update this page regularly - Thanks In Advance.

June 11-24, Cherry Festival, Morocco

Sefrou, an ancient walled town close to Fez, is known for its cherry trees. The cherry harvest in mid-June is enough reason for residents to celebrate and they dot it in style with music, dancing and torch-lit processions. A Miss Cherry is also chosen. See www.morocco.com

June 12-20, Sculpture Week

Sculpture collectors should be in London on these dates when the city holds its annual Sculpture Week. London's best known galleries and art dealers will exhibit a variety of sculptures. These works of art span over 4,500 years and the visitor will find pieces from ancient Greece and Egypt, 14th century Tibet, Renaissance Florence, 19th century Rome and the latest pieces from today's masters. See www.londonsculptureweek.co.uk

June 13-16, Hansan Mosi Festival

Mosi is one of the oldest fabrics in the world and the Seocheon region in South Korea is famous for producing the best quality. Exhibitions and fashion shows are held as part of this festival. Visitors can try their hand at weaving or dyeing the cloth. They can also buy a variety of Mosi products. See www.seocheon.go.kr

June 13-18, Kataklysmos, Cyprus

Kataklymos means flood and is celebrated in the island's seaside towns. The festival, which has pagan origins, coincides with the Greek Pentecost. Throwing water at each other forms a major part of the festivities, so visitors should be prepared for a good drenching. See www.visitcyprus.com

June 14-29, Contemporary Dance Festival

This dance festival has been an annual feature of the Venice Biennale since 1999. Afro-Brazilian choreographer, Ismael Ivo, has conducted the festival for the past three years. His themes have revolved around the human body and in this final year as director, Ivo will focus on Beauty. See www.labiennale.org

June 17, National Day, Iceland

On this day, Icelanders are in party mode, there are street performances, dancing, competitions and many other forms of outdoor entertainment. You will be forgiven for mistaking this for a carnival and not a patriotic event. See www.icetourist.is

June 19-28, Moscow Film Festival

This film festival is celebrating its 30th birthday. The film festival saw a great deal of political interference during the Soviet era. Today it is an independent and widely respected event and its main prize-the Golden St. George-is highly coveted. See www.moscowfilmfestival.ru

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