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Tourism Calender For The Month Of January 2008

Individuals ( OR ) Countries are requested to send their Tourism Calender for the month of January to : info(at)toursandtravelsinindia.com . It will help us to update this page regularly - Thanks In Advance.

January 7, Ganna, Ethiopia

If you are going through post-Christmas blues, why not nip to Ethiopia for a second Christmas? Ethiopians follow the Julian Calendar and hence celebrate Jesusí birth on this date. Itís called Ganna here after a hockey-like game played on Christmas. Visit : www.tourismethiopia.org

January 10-12, Festival in the Desert, Essakane

Held in Mali, this festival is based on the traditional Touareg festivals. Around 30 artistic groups from countries perform at this festival. In the daytime there will be camel rides, traditional songs sung by local women, conferences and games. Music concerts are in the evening. Visit : www.festival-au-desert.org

January 11-31, Sinulog Festival, Philippines

This is the biggest festival of the island of Cebu. Sports competitions, beauty pageants and bazaars are held over the many days of the festival. Elderly women also dance the Sinulog dance, said to reflect the flowing of a river. There is also a grand solemn parade in honour of Baby Jesus. Visit : www.sinulog.ph

January 16-20, Horse Passion, Avignon, France

In this festival, horses and riders take part in various competitions like show jumping, dressage and showing. But the climax is the Golden Mane Gala, which is almost equine theatre. The grand prize is given for the most audacious of the performances. Visit : www.cheval-passion.com

January 17-20, Bovine Competition, Lausanne

Swiss cattle are very highly prized. Check out this even to see some of the finest of the countryís cows. Seven breeds of cows and around 1,000 animals take part in the competition. This event is unique in that it is judged solely by women. Visit : www.salonagriculture.ch

January 19-20, Tamborrada Drum Parade, Spain

Citizens of san Sebastian honour their patron saint by taking out drum parades for 24 hours stating from midnight on the 19th. The parade sees companies of marches, representing various gastronomic societies, drumming their way through the city. Visit : www.spanishunlimited.com

January 26, Makahiki, Hawaii

Makahiki is celebrated just after the harvest. In ancient times, almost four months in a year were set aside as Makahiki. Wars were prohibited during this time and people played games, paid tribute to their chiefs, feasted and danced and honoured the god, Lono. Now, of course, it is impossible to party for four months, so the festivals restricted to a single day. the island of Molokai holds its celebration on this date. There are sporting competitions, art and craft workshops and traditional ceremonies. Visit : www.molokai-hawaii.com

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