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Tourism Calender For The Month Of May 2008

Individuals ( OR ) Countries are requested to send their Tourism Calender for the month of May to: info(at)toursandtravelsinindia.com . It will help us to update this page regularly - Thanks In Advance.

May 1 - 4, Festival of St. Ephysius, Italy

St. Ephysius is the guardian saint of Cagliari and on his feast day people from all across Sardinia come to pay their respects. The statue of the saint is taken in procession on all four days of the festival and in the evenings artists put up colourful shows. Visit: www.italiantourism.com

May 1 - 4, Belly Dance Festival

Belly dancing may have originated in the Middle East, but so great is its fan following that you can watch excellent performances in most parts of the world. This event in Stockholm, Sweden is one of the better-known belly dance festivals. The festival draws professional dancers from all over the world who take part in competitions and also conduct workshops or those wishing to learn some dance moves. For those who would rather sit back and watch, there are gala performances in the evening. Visit: www.bellydancefestival.se

May 2 - 5, Palmyra Festival, Syria

The ancient city of Palmyra in Syria comes alive each year during the Palmyra Festival. The enchanting Roman theatre is the venue for the soulful folk music performances in the evenings. But the main attraction is the camel race through the stunning ruins of the city. Visit: www.syriatourism.org

May 10, National Cycle Day

Holland is a nation of cyclists and the Dutch have even dedicated a day to this mode of transport. Around 360 routes have been set up and tourists can join the many thousand Dutch who take to cycles to explore the country on this day. Visit: www.amsterdamtourist.nl

May 10 - 11, Yasothon Rocket Festival

The people of this town in northeast Thailand think firing the biggest and loudest rockets will ensure good rainfall. Held during the rice-planting season, the festival nowadays is more an occasion for a get together and a party than a religious event. Visit: www.tourismthailand.org

May 17 - 18, Hub Festival, Liverpool

Said to be the biggest free urban youth festival in the UK, this madcap event is for those who enjoy extreme sports and loud music. There's a skate park and a dirt jump for BMX stunts. Beatboxers and DJs will be at hand to entertain the crowd. Visit: www.liverpool08.com

May 17 - 18, Sedan Medieval Festival, France

The town's well-kept fortress serves as the backdrop for the many tournaments, including jousting, flag throwing and falconry, which are a part of this festival. Markets and camps are also set up and as this is France, thee is quite a bit of feasting as well. Do not forget your suit of armour.
Visit: www.medieval-sedan.com

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