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Tourism Calender For The Month Of September

Individuals ( OR ) Countries are requested to send their Tourism Calender for the month of September to : info(at)toursandtravelsinindia.com .
It will help us to update this page regularly - Thanks In Advance.

Sep 1 – 16, Grand Canyon Music Festival

This festival has, perhaps, the best venue in the world. Held at the Shrine of Ages on the south rim of the Grand Canyon, this three-week series of chamber music concerts enthralls an intimate audience of less than 300 each year. More details : www.grandcanyonmusicfest.org

Sep 6 – 16, Naples Pizza Fest

Pizza was the food of the poor in Naples in the 18th century. It was only in the 19th century, with the setting up of pizzerias, that the dish became popular among the affluent. Today, pizza is a synonymous with Naples and the Neapolitans take their pizzas very seriously. They celebrate the annual pizza fest with great fervour. Visitors can expect to eat the best and most authentic pizzas during the fest. They can also check out the world’s first pizzeria, the Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba, which opened in 1738 and is still going strong. More details : www.italia.it

Sep 9 – 23, The September Basho, Tokyo

This is one of the six grand sumo tournaments held in Japan each year-a perfect opportunity to see some of the best sumo wrestlers competing with each other. The sport is not just about strength; it has over 70 throws, trips and tricks. More Details : www.sumo.or.jp

Sep 15 – 16, The Mayor’s Thames Festival

Visitors to this free festival in London can enjoy parades, fairs, live music, street theatre and some mind-blowing pyrotechnic displays. However, the event to look forward to is the lantern procession, along the banks of the river, from Victoria Embankment to the Royal National Theatre. More Details :www.thamesfestival.org

Sep 20 – 30, World of Wearable Art

Held in Wellington, this festival kick starts New Zealand’s spring festival season. This daily two-hour extravaganza of incredible garments, music, lighting and dancing is all about taking art off the wall and making human body the canvas. More details : www.worldofwearableart.com

Sep 24, Fiesta De La Merce, Barcelona

This festival celebrates the feast of the Virgin of Mercy. There are numerous events and parades and a competition to build the tallest human tower. But the most spectacular event is the midnight parade of dragons, eagles and devils. More Details : www.spain.info

Sep 25, Indra Jatra, Kathmandu

Dedicated to the Hindu God, Indra, this festival is celebrated by both Hindus and Buddhists. Classical masked dancers perform in the courtyard of Hanuman Dhoka and at Darbar Square. Chariots carrying the living goddess and idols of Ganesh and Bhairav are paraded around the city. More Details : www.welcomenepal.com

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