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Travel Guide To North America


Travel Guide Tips To North America - U.S.A

North America:

North America comprises of U.S.A, Canada & Mexico. A vast land, it offers the traveler a kaleidoscope of experiences; from the biggest & most modern cities in the world to well preserved national parks, spectacular train journeys through majestic mountains, exciting theme parks and edge-of-the seat technological wonders. A continent by itself, North America spans various terrains; from oceans filled with floating icebergs, to arid deserts, tropical forests and lofty mountains; the possibilities are immense.

If this is your first visit to the country, nothing can prepare you for your first glimpse of Manhattan’s unforgettable skyline, the ubiquitous hamburger joints, the vast expanses of prairie or the neon-lit excesses of Las Vegas. The USA is a huge country to explore, flanked by two oceans and covering an incredibly varied terrain. Since its discovery by Columbus, people have flocked here in search of ‘the American Dream’. Between them, they have created the richest most powerful country on earth, and a fascinating melting pot of cultures and traditions.

Places to visit:

New York city, Washington DC, Florida state, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Anchorage, Fairbanks, Hawaii, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Sedona, Vermont state, Maine state, Boston, Chicago, Jackson, Salt Lake City.

Must Visit The Below Places :

Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, Grand Canyon, Hollywood, Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Kennedy Space Centre, Waikiki Beach, Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz, El Dorado gold mine, Monument Valley, National Parks (Yosemite Denali, Yellowstone, Kenai Fjords), Graceland, Miami Beach.

Must Do This Activities :

Drive down the historic Route 66. An evening out to relive the days of the Wild Wild West. Spend your money on a dazzling Las Vegas show or Texas ranch experience. River rafting down the Black Canyon. A cruise on San Francisco bay. An Alaskan cruise. Drive through New England to witness the beautiful Fall Foliage. Drive through the California wine regions.

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