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Travel Guide To South America


Travel Guide Tips To South America

Colourful, exotic, adventurous, mysterious, exciting these words still donít capture the essence of the South American continent. Spectacular waterfalls, ancient civilizations, the passion of its art forms, throbbing night life, dense jungles, rate species of flora & fauna and its azure waters make South America one of the most sought after destinations in the world. Itís a world still waiting to be discovered.

Places to visit:

Rio de Janeiro, Santiago, Lima, Cuzco, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Quito, Manaus, Sao Paulo, Ecuador, Galapagos Islands, Paracas, La Paz.

Must Visit The Below Places :

Amazon river & rainforest, Machu Pichu, Iguasu Falls, Angel Falls, Nazca Lines, Santo Domingo Monastery, Tambomachay Inca baths, Temple of Sacsayhuaman, Sacred Valley, Cathedrals of Lima, Cuzco, Rio de Janeiro & Santiago, San Francisco Monastery, Lima Gold Museum, Titanic ruins, Tequila Strait, Copacabana, Equatorial monument, La Companies Church, Charles Darwin Research station, Panama beach, Sugar Loaf mountain, Coronado mountain, Cemetery of Recollect, San Cristobel Hill.

Must Do This Activities :

Stay in the Amazon rainforest. A helicopter ride over the Nazca Plains. Witness the Brazilian Carnival. Ballistaís Island cruise. Dance the Tango or the Samba! An evening out with folk music & local specialties. Pick some Brazilian coffee beans to brew back home.

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